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Michigan Driving Tips
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Michigan Driving Tips

Living in Michigan makes driving different then any other state. The road conditions vary day to day, making driving here and there challenging at times. There are things that you can do to make your drive much safer.

One thing that has changed over the past 10 years is technology. Everyone owns a cell phone now days and it seems like everyone is on it while they are driving. The best cure for this is to put the phone up and don’t talk on it while you are driving. It is extremely distracting and takes your alertness and focus away from the road. If you insist on using the cell phone while driving, then at least use a headset and don’t dial people while you are driving. Pull over and dial the person so you aren’t trying to push the buttons and cruise 70 mph down the highway.

The second thing is to stop tailgating people. Following 3-5 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you can eliminate most of those bad accidents due to not being able to stop in time. If you think about it the view is much nicer when your driving a couple hundred feet back from the vehicle in front of you. I personally can afford to get to my destination 5 seconds later if it keeps me safer.

People that break these rules cause thousands of accidents every year in Michigan. They are simple habits to change and can save millions of dollars in insurance claims in Michigan alone. I get claims quite frequently due to either talking on the phone, or unable to stop and rear ending the car in front of them. It really is a simple thing to change in your driving habits. The benefits include less accidents, a nicer looking car with less stone chips, lower insurance premiums due to less claims, etc… Follow these two driving tips for a month and it will become part of your daily Michigan driving routine. Good luck! While your visiting our site you might as well compare:

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